because I'm constantly astounded by their seemingly infinite and detailed creativity, as well as their understanding and portrayal of humanity.
  1. Miyazaki
    I'd love to see his art and have him talk about his movies and process of making them. Then I'd pull out my portfolio and ask him if he could convince me to pursue art as my career.
  2. J. R. R. Tolkien
    How did you create Middle Earth? Why? How did you come up with every detail about every character's backgrounds and history and ancestry and their history? Did you know that there are so many memes about your franchise that they almost ruin the movies, but not so far as to stop me from crying every time?
  3. J. K. Rowling
    First, I would shake her hand, just so I can say I shook hands with the mastermind and creator of Harry Potter. Then I'd tell her how everyone judges me for loving Snape, and then listen to her for the rest of the day explaining all the underlying themes and background details of Harry Potter.
  4. C. S. Lewis
    To discuss the topics of Narnia and how it was created would be my ideal rainy day.
  5. Christopher Nolan
    Honestly, I think it's kind of scary to talk to the person who created such dark and emotional movies, but I would still love to ask him how he films the impossible and make it seem real.
  6. Victor Hugo
    Known for his never ending knowledge of humanity. He'd probably take one look at me and know more about myself than I do.
  7. George Lucas
    I'd probably ask him why he made episodes 1-3, and also about Jar Jar Binks to settle the universal argument.
  8. Taylor Swift
    I'm definitely not the biggest fan, and I don't even listen to her often, but I've always wondered how she kept up such a "perfect" model for young girls. I'd also ask her what it's like to make Apple do whatever she wants.
  9. Wes Anderson
    I'd ask him about how he creates the story. What makes you want to put this tiny detail in, and leave this out? I'd also talk to him about colors because his color palettes are to die for.