Oh just about 4 billion people work in this bustling area, stuck between the retail Mecca of Union Square and the squeaky-clean Financial District. But few know the gastronomic wonders that lay hidden among the cookie cutter crap.
  1. Muracci's Japanese Curry
    Damn delicious. Go at an odd hour to skip the long line. Curries are simmered for days, and noodle soups (not traditional ramen) are spicy and divine. My favorite though is the grilled salmon (teriyaki or otherwise). They crisp the skin up nicely, so you get all the good stuff. Also try the curry pan, little pastries with a molten center. They go like hot cakes.
  2. Sushi Left Bay (?)
    No sign! 10 seats! Exclusivity abounds! Don't fall for Ramen Underground across the street: long lines, extra charge for standard ramen toppings, and they have botched my order all 3 times I erred and are there. Stick with the Left Bay, and you'll never be sad. Bonus: for those in a rush, they expertly package to-go orders so that the ramen will still be delicious back at the office. Broth and noodles are kept separate, so you can reheat the broth without zapping all the goods.
  3. Golden West
    Technically not on Kearny, but I love em so much they have to be on the list. Located on the Trinity Place alley that runs between Bush and Sutter east of Kearny, this two-window joint will keep you coming back for more. Order at one window, pick up at the next. You can get one of 4 rotating salads (seasonal and local you nerds) and a few standby sammiches (the short rib with pickled onions kicks ass). Everything comes with a pickle, and their house-baked bread is to die for.
  4. International Food Court
    What a place. It has the aesthetic of a public bathroom, but will bring the heat to your tastebuds. A passable burrito joint is run by the nicest gang around, definitely better burritos than you'll find for a half mile in any direction. You've also gotta sample the Viet-French place, their imperial bowls kick ass. Decent lunch sushi down there too.
  5. Super Duper!
    In a city that lacks good, cheap burgers, this chain does it right. Consistent, if unspectacular, these mouthwatering patties will do you right. Nobody really feel full after a salad anyway, right?