if there's anything i forgot pls suggest it
  1. hi i'm Anjali
    my name means "tribute to God" which is funny bc Vishnu sculpted me as a tribute to all yall
  2. i'm 21 years old
    legal as hell!!
  3. India ✈️ Zambia ✈️ NJ ✈️ India ✈️ Arizona ✈️ Dallas
    sorry i've racked up a lot of air miles but this is the most concise way to tell you
  4. desi & god am i proud
    how could i not be proud of myself tho look @ me
  5. gemini ESFP
    i know you PROBABLY don't believe in MBTI or astrology but if you know any stereotype for either geminis or ESFPs, i 100% fulfill it
  6. stereotypical millennial
    my dad once said "there's something in this house more abused than anything else,,, anjali's phone" and i honestly can't refute it
  7. friends !!!
    as i mentioned i moved around a lot when i was a kid so i started forming proper friendships really in high school: my hs squad @llapazinga @shivanidiva and @budugu2z, my university squad is @galacticwit, @hegotyou, @pri520 and some others not on this app
  8. i want to be a doctor
    i'm done with 3 years of premed, 1 more to go then med school (maybe, hopefully, if everything goes well)
  9. My real name is Ganjali
    Suggested by @shivanidiva
  10. @shivanidiva is my soulmate
    Suggested by @shivanidiva
  11. Usmans the best
    Suggested by @hegotyou