i love u close friend & im so blessed i got to know u @hegotyou here are more apologies i didn't feel like putting on facebook
  1. sorry i jumpstarted our friendship by asking you to hook me up with "the boy who sits next to you"
    you never did and i forever thank you for that
  2. sorry i text you first the second i have any crush whatsoever
    but i love how honest you are, no one else tells me to chill and go study
  3. sorry i text you first whenever i'm going through any emotional crisis actually
    remember when it set in at 2 AM that we were all gonna die eventually and you talked me through it bc i always will
  4. sorry adam and i called you a benzene that one time
    though you immediately called us alkanes and I feel like that was very rude, maybe you should be writing this apology list instead
  5. sorry i take credit for starting fam at UTD
    but i DID, this is like Einstein apologizing for taking credit for his theory of relativity; also you take credit for truchi all the time!!!! lmao remember when that was a thing
  6. sorry for constantly complaining about our professors // friends
    you're the ray of bright light to my dark cloud so thank you for dealing with me, i guess
  7. sorry for making you rap with me in public
    but you're a much better rapper than i will ever be & i'm just looking out for our fans here
  8. sorry i named our rap group with literally our couple name
    people tell me its weird but i think they're just jealous our names go together so well #usmanjali (wait i forgot we added Adam and Sunay #susmanjali)
  9. sorry i tag u in every fb meme i see ever
    but also I feel like they all fit u !??? how is it my fault you're so versatile LMAO
  10. sorry i make you take pictures with me whenever we're together
    i have more pictures with you than literally any other friend, oops i guess we're just really photogenic
  11. sorry for making lowbrow jokes to you so much
    actually here's a blanket apology for all my jokes, thank you for not blocking me
  12. sorry i use people's opinions of you as a gauge for how good they are
    every single one of my close friends loves you so much & i would immediately block them the second they didn't #rideordie
  13. sorry for lying to you so much for the sake of comedy
    it's usually a C-grade joke anyway but hey at least i usually tell you the truth asap
  14. sorry i talk about you so much to everyone else
    i think they all think i'm desperately in love with you which i am!!! jk but you're such a wonderful friend it's hard not to bring you up in every single conversation