Inspired by @shanaz
  1. I'm super cute !!!!!!!
    hahaha not really but did I really make a list if I didn't include at least one selfie
  2. I have devoted my life to comedy
    sure I'm tryna be a doctor but honestly if I end up making it as @mindy's protege I will be forever ecstatic
  3. my teeth !!!!!
    2 physical themed features on my fav list? woah!!! I got a root canal when I was 4 but I haven't had a single thing done in the past 16 years and I'm so happy honestly
  4. my taste in friends
    u CAN choose ur friends and I'm so blessed that Vishnu bestowed amazing taste upon me, all my friends are hilarious and kind and amazing 😍
  5. my taste in MUSIC
    according to some (roughly,,, 99%?) of the population, my taste in music is best described as trash but I do really like it!!! it's usually pop rap & bumpin beats, which is what makes me feel happy so 😊😊