mainly making this as a reference for when i hate myself
  1. oh man i thought this was so funny
    probably no one else did but !!! hahahahaha also if u focus a lot u can see evidence that my hair's falling out
  2. LMAO OK
    this is way funnier to me bc usman's a pure angel so this is just unnecessary & an obv lie hahahaha
  3. ok this was supposed to go viral
    but i was also really worried it was offensive so i had to ask 10 different people (ok tbh just @shivanidiva) to make sure it wasn't awful
  4. this is my most popular tweet EVER
    and i honestly didn't think it was all that good ???? really banged with the desi community i guess LMAO
  5. this is another one only i find funny
    but tbh that's most of my twitter i'm sincerely sorry if u follow me honestly
  6. i kept this in my drafts forever
    as in like half a day but i thought it was soooo funny hahahaha this list makes me sound like i have an awful sense of humor lmao sorry it isn't an inaccurate assumption
  7. hbd north west!!!!!
    pls smoke my ashes when you're of legal age ilu
  8. honestly wasn't even tryna look white
    but i realized it & immediately thought "how do i spin this into a twitter joke" smh i'm a MESS
  9. a lil too real but idk