i've always been an idiot basically
  1. my brother's 17th bday
    i didn't actually rmr this until i saw a bday vid the other day but ok i was 7 and the entire video is me trying to get the most attention possible; "hey Anjali do you have anything to say about your brother for his birthday" "um well I can sing and I can dance and I can —" "ok Anjali see ya later"
  2. bharatnatyam class
    i was 5 years old and my teacher taught me a dance move & told me to teach the rest of the class a week later, but i was FIVE so i had 100% forgotten, so i went up there and just started flailing my limbs until my teacher told me to stop lmao
  3. i loved cutting my own hair
    so basically every day my family was confronted with random locks of my hair around the house & i was forbidden to touch the scissors ever