i just turned 20 but i feel like i know a few things maybe
  1. if someone uses "nice" to describe themselves you might as well add "smug"
    nice shouldn't ever be a defining characteristic it should be a GIVEN yall
  2. don't restrain your laughter EVER (unless you're at a funeral or it'll hurt someone else's feelings)
    basically don't restrain your laughter if your reason is that everyone else might think less of you bc honestly they'll think less of you for another reason if not this one
  3. if they give you one word responses and don't put effort into continuing the conversation it means they either
    1) are tryna be civil but don't want to talk to you or 2) they're bad at conversation & honestly, either is a reason to delete their number, fam, you need someone to whose texts you have an answer formulated seconds after reading them
  4. being pessimistic or a misanthrope does not mean you're more "deep"
    and being optimistic doesn't mean you're shallow! the ability to see the wreck of a world we live in and still retain a flicker of hope is COMMENDABLE and i'm jealous of anyone who has this
  5. climbing to the top of the ladder is sexy but not when the rungs are other people's bodies
    this was a weird metaphor that i probably plagiarized off a book but basically i love ambition but don't be heartless yall, we're all here to survive and make the best of it! but being the best doesn't have to mean better than everyone around us