a few of these might be superfluous if you've read my other lists but i'm boring ok i'm sorry
  1. listening to hype music at 2 AM
    i love dancing now bc everyone's too asleep to judge me & i have the bathroom mirror all to myself !!!!!!
  2. remembering my charger when i leave places
    my phone's above 70% right now & not dead like how #blessed am i to have a semi functional hippocampus
  3. validation (real or virtual)
    okay like d o n ' t judge me lil miss petunia everyone wants to feel loved! knowing i'm appreciated even tho i usu feel like it's undeserved is so fulfilling
  4. friends who hold 10 different conversations with me on 10 different kinds of social media simultaneously
    i love u for not getting bored of me. thank u.
  5. people who sleep-laugh
    being happy in your dreams is such a rare & blessed feeling, i'm gonna cry from how happy i am for you
  6. getting over boys who i knew weren't good for me
    i realized i was finally over this boy i've had the most devastating crush on forever & i'm honestly ready to throw a party
  7. friends who don't get mad at me for not hanging out with them
    i'm an extrovert with social anxiety lol i know it sounds paradoxical but it's who i am. thank u for being understanding & loving me anyway