i change my bio a lot based on my mood and here are a few i remember!!!!
  1. don't talk to me if you're premed
    i'm premed so this can't be considered mean, right
  2. mujhse baat na karo
    this is "don't talk to me" in hindi, ironic bc the only ppl who can read this are people who know hindi (and i wanna talk to all of them) or people who put effort in to get that translated (also people i want to talk to)
  3. all my friends are heathens, take it slow
    this is a lyric from Heathens by Twenty One Pilots &&& idk i just really like the lyric lmao
  4. just to keep from crying, i laughed
    this is a lil wayne lyric that i relate to so much i nearly cried (funny, right?)
  5. inka funda hain simple sa yaar, goli maaro toh panga, aankh maaro toh pyaar
    hindi song lyric that means "the motto's simple fam, if u shoot a bullet it's a fight, if u wink it's love" the genius wordplay really only works in hindi tho, it's great commentary on love-hate relationships (which are all of mine!!! with anyone ever!!!!!)
  6. i will only talk to south indians, gtfo my face Northie
    i'm south indian lmao, there's a well documented rivalry between my side and the wrong side
  7. nobody really likes me except for me (sorry @Drake for appropriating your lyric for a depressing twitter bio)
    do i need to explain
    a lyric from Sanctified (Big Sean and Kanye rap this specific line 1 million times & I get it, it's a great lyric and my personal aspiration as well)
  9. definitely going to hell but i walk around like god guaranteed me the seat next to her
    when u a bad b*tch who wants to make sure everyone knows u think god is a woman
  10. i'm not afraid of god, i am afraid of man
    from froot by marina and the diamonds!!!
  11. i hope you're happy.
    chance said this in a song once and i love it