I want the time to learn them all.
  1. Japanese
    I took three years in college and would love to be fluent. I dream that a purveyor of udon, appreciative of my ordering fluently in his/her native tongue, would keep me in noodles for the rest of my life. The way some people want a bar where everyone knows their name is the way I want to be known in a noodle shop.
  2. German
    Let me put it this way: I accidentally asked my daughter in front of @tfunk and my mother-in-law, "How do you make the fucking?" How far off was I? I wanted to ask what sound birds make.
  3. Italian
    Oh, have you not seen The Godfather? Where Signora Corleone and the old man sing at Sonny's wedding (http://bit.ly/1Jk1JVz If you have ever gesticulated while speaking, you understand the need to learn Italian immediately.