5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

  1. This cute pic of @bubbalovesrue on insta. So frickin cute.
  2. This preservatives list to watch out for. Source: @refinery29
  3. These kids came out selling flowers while me and my husband were at the beach. The boy asked if we could buy the flowers so that he can buy his sister a cake as it was her birthday that day. Anyway we decided to buy them cake instead. Took them to this pastry shop and bought them a chocolate truffle cake😊
  4. Booking tickets for movies with your husband be like😂 always deciding which row.
  5. Looking for this colour for like ever.
  6. This cute video's screenshot from @Allure about ageing. Must watch. Love the accent of the narrator.
  7. Hubby made this wallpaper on this app called Sketches 2. @broadcity love 💗
  8. Spotting @AbbiJacobson 's nail color on @broadcity and taking a snap of it and now on a quest to find the exact colour.