1. The time I lived in Pennsylvania
  2. & a 5, 6, 7, 8 DANCE
    Dance was literary my life until senior year of high school
  3. Did I really do elementary school?
  4. The wonder years of Middle School
    Totally sarcasm. No one wants to remember middle school, EVER!
  5. High School, Smigh School
  6. That awkward coming out story
  7. But wait, there's more
    The part of high school & college where there were too many deaths to count of high school people I knew
  8. The start to something wonderfully expensive
    Tattoos. Tattoos are expensive
  9. The crappy start to college
  10. But then Active Minds 😍
  11. Meet the love of my life: College Orientation
  12. My last year in a college where I enjoy everything, WAY. TOO. MUCH.
  13. The end of an era
  14. I guess, I'll go to grad school
  15. Meeting the best sisters a girl could ask for