In the 21 years of living here are my best kisses (not Chronological)
  1. Aaron
    First kiss we had was during the Dark Knight movie where we both saw the film so I didn't feel bad about making out during it. Still to this day the best kisser bc his lips are so soft!
  2. Erik
    Hottest guy in school when I lived in Sweden. We were at a party and dancing to the music. I smelt gum so I ask him for a piece. He then proceeded to kiss me and give me the gum in his mouth. Real slick
  3. Christian
    Brief fling that was 6'3 and would walk me to my car and one day he kissed me and then kissed my forehead. I couldn't help but smile. Is it just me or don't all girls swoon when guys kiss your forehead.
  4. Louis-Phillip
    Very sexy hockey player from Quebec I met one summer who just was a great kisser.
  5. Elias
    My first heart break......but it all started with this "project X" inspired kiss. I took lime, squirted some on his neck, put some salt there, and put the lime in his mouth. Then, I took the shot, licked the salt off his neck and took the lime out of his mouth with mine. Pretty hot!
  6. Nahuel
    One of the only times I was nervous to kiss a guy. Some kid I was crushing on in college and we'd hang out so one day I was high, came over and was being all touchy. He got the message and we started to kiss, outside, under the moon