It's like Don Quixote. The classic quest story with hero jester and his long suffering manservent
  1. Fake it until you make it.
    Tommy persevered. He kept trying despite his self awareness that he wasn't the smartest around.
  2. Appreciate where you came from.
    Tommy was loyal and loved his home in Sandusky. He had the best intentions for his town and employees.
  3. Sometimes you just have to say "fuck it"
    Tommy was willing to brush off the haters when no one believed in him.
  4. Have a back up plan ready.
    Tommy pulled the swarm of bees trick out of his ass. It was perfect and saved him and Richard.
  5. Friendship.
    Tommy and Richard can cry it out, laugh, and most importantly they care about one another with a brotherly love.
  6. Take time to find yourself.
    Tommy spent years in college that informed who he became. He didn't rush into self discovery and understood that it's a process.
  7. Local