I was homeschooled and lived in Kansas. C'mon...
  1. "Santeria" & "What I Got," Sublime
    This is from the era of thinking puberty pretty much made me a badass
  2. "Don't Speak," No Doubt
    I went through a serious phase of wanting to be Gwen Stefani. (Who didn't?)
  3. "Spiderwebs," No Doubt
    See No. 2
  4. "Tonight, Tonight," Smashing Pumpkins
    He creeps me out... And yet I still kept coming back for more
  5. "Monkey Wrench," Foo Fighters
  6. "The Good Life/Say It Ain't So," Weezer
    I also shamelessly went through a blue hair-and-massive-jeans phase... There is photographic evidence.
  7. "Greedy Fly," Bush
    See No. 2
  8. "Ready or Not," Fugees
    Lauryn. Hill.
  9. "Aeroplane," Red Hot Chili Peppers
  10. Anything created by Alanis Morissette
    She was like a goddess.
  11. "Push," Matchbox Twenty
    I'm not ashamed.
  12. "I only Wanna Be With You," Hootie & The Blowfish
    My first tape! Sam Goody was my jam whenever Mom dropped me off at the mall
  13. "Freshmen," Verve Pipe
    Breaks my heart every time. Even though I had ZERO idea what this song was about.