I'm currently in my second year of architecture, and an incoming intern at Valerio, Dewalt, Train and associates.
  1. I loooove it.
    In case you were wondering, I said that in my head like Randy Newman in "I love LA"
  2. But if I had to, I'd be....
  3. The owner of an antiques store
    Finally, an excuse to go to more estate sales.
  4. An "import-export"* man
    *Read, cocaine dealer
  5. An ad-man
    Added bonus - a drunk girl at a party said I look like Vincent kartheiser!
  6. Static
  7. #totallylookslike
  8. A concept artist
  9. Artisanal Sparkling Water Brewer
  10. Permanent contestant on the Price is Right
  11. The villain in a telenovela
  12. An Alan Rickman/Jerry Seinfeld/Simon LeBon impersonator
    It's pretty spot on. Right @ricn ?
  13. Professional roller derby girl namer
  14. Con-man