Sometimes I casually slip song lyrics into conversation. Sometimes it's so sneaky I'm the only one who knows. The trick is to play the song in your head as you say it. Will the other person notice? TBD.
  1. "Regrets and mistakes are memories made." -Adele, Someone Like You
    When you mess up but then you laugh about it or learn from it.
  2. "What do you mean?" -Justin Beiber, What Do You Mean
    To clarify.
  3. "I want to be forever young." -Alphaville, Forever Young
    When you're sad that you're old.
  4. "Help! I need somebody!" -The Beatles, Help
    When you're in a pickle. Or you're practicing the art of asking for help. (So proud of you! #bettertogether)
  5. "I'm so fancy." -Iggy Azalea, Fancy
    When you're all dressed up! Duh. Pinkies up.
  6. "The sun will come out tomorrow." -Annie The Musical, Tomorrow
    Not sure how to comfort your friend? Annie will help you.
  7. "Don't mess with the flow, no no." -High School Musical
    When someone messes with your hair.
  8. "Hello...its me" - Adele, Hello