"Pobody's Nerfect." -Pam Beasley
  1. Wear a white shirt without spilling on it
    Oops x2
  2. Think fast enough to rap
    Rappers are quick on their feet. "Quick on your feet" is a silly expression because you could be the slowest person on the planet and still be quick on your feet. Who picked that analogy.
  3. Have soft skin
    It's just not soft
  4. Breathe underwater
    It would make the scary things about the ocean less scary
  5. Do a one-handed cartwheel
    I've tried and I've failed multiple times. "You just need to trick yourself into thinking you are going to use both hands and pull the other one away at the last second." Unhelpful advice given to me when trying to do a one-handed cartwheel.
  6. Eat spicy food
    My family makes fun of me