1. Speak to and treat each other with respect
    Manners are free.
  2. Take your shoes off at the door
    Don't drag everything that you've walked on all day into the house. The kids play on that floor.
  3. No matter what you're doing, stop for storytime
    My favorite rule. My kids know that if the bring us a book to read we will ALWAYS read then and there.
  4. Everyone sits down at the table for dinner
    Breakfast is hit or miss, but we do try. Lunch is just me and the kids. Dinner is an important family time tradition. Everyone at their own seat and no one leaves until everyone is finished.
  5. Bedtime is 7pm for the kids
    Routine starts at 6 with pjs and brushing teeth with 15-30 minute buffer for going over the events of the day and storytime. Lights out and (usually) asleep by 7.
  6. I don't have kids but these are the rules that still apply at my parents' house when I visit: your feet must always be covered in cold months (if not with slippers, then with socks) and whoever cooks doesn't clean.
    Suggested by @LizDawson