1. The Shower Dilemma
    I've Listed before about debating between showering with my daughter (20 months) in the bathroom or waiting until she naps to shower. Occasionally, I have things I need to get done early in the morning and have to shower while listening to her destroy my cabinets.
  2. I had finished my shower while daughter was playing on the floor with her (rather large) collection of rubber ducks.
    I have never bought a single rubber duck. For some reason, at every birthday or holiday, people gift my kids no less than 3 rubber ducks. 🐥
  3. So, it's time to go downstairs. "Let's go downstairs, we need to go to the store"
  4. "Duck!"
  5. "Yes, sweetie, I know! Duck! You can bring one duck with you."
  6. Looks at me...looks at the ducks..."mooooore" accompanied by her baby sign for more
  7. "No, one duck is enough. You have plenty of toys downstairs"
  8. "MOOOOOORE" an aggressive baby sign this time
  9. "No. No more ducks. Come on and you can watch one episode of Mickey Mouse while mama dries her hair."
  10. Considers this for a second with a cartoonish "hmmm" 🤔 and then "Winnie Pooh!"
  11. "Winnie the Pooh? Yeah, ok, but the short one."
  12. "WEEEEEEEEEEEE" as she scoots on her butt down the steps
  13. It takes a second for me to realize...but then it hits me. My daughter just negotiated her way into getting an hour long movie instead of 1. 20 minutes of Mickey or 2. bringing all of her ducks downstairs. Maybe that's what she was working toward the entire time.
  14. I'm in serious trouble with this girl 😵