1. The recipe for matzo ball soup an old friend's father gave me that got lost in one of my many moves.
    The man is an artist. His High Holiday brisket had me BEGGING him to adopt me.
  2. The right skincare regime for winter
    I need MORE MOISTURIZER without causing my skin to rebel.
  3. Winter coat
    I'm heinously picky about outerwear. My criteria may be too high for my budget.
  4. The perfect meatball recipe
    I've tried no less than 20 completely different meatball recipes and techniques (pan-fry, bake, steam, combination) and yet to find one that is just right.
  5. Dry shampoo that I don't hate
    Is it just me? I haven't found one that doesn't make my hair feel weird or look like grey baby powder.
  6. Jeans that fit just right