1. Yes Yes Yes
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    Sultry jasmine. One of my favorite scents.
  2. Pearl
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    Rose jam. Would be #1 but those little skin-staining beads are the bane of my existence.
  3. Strawberry Feels Forever
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    Goes on smoothly and smells like strawberries.
  4. Percup
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    Coffee and cocoa butter, my husband uses this one.
  5. Dirty
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    Chocolate 👄
  6. Tender is the Night
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    Vanilla, jasmine, & ylang ylang.
  7. Hottie
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    Warming oils feels sooooo good when you're sore.
  8. Shades of Earl Grey
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    Berguamont and lime. 'Salright.
  9. Peace
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    Chamomile. Honestly, I could barely smell it.
  10. Excluded because I haven't used them: Shimmy Shimmy, Organic Therapy, & Each Peach.