So many others will and have put it more eloquently than I, but I wanted to write out some feelings I'm having while listening to Heroes.
  1. Growing up in a small town is difficult, especially if you're the slightest bit different
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  2. I never really felt as if I fit in
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  3. My absolute favorite thing about David Bowie was his dedication to being fabulously different.
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  4. Never fit in
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  5. Always be yourself
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  6. Stand out, if that's what you want
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  7. Be a different character, if it suits you
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  8. His salute to all things odd and individuality was comforting in a time when I questioned if I would ever feel "normal"
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  9. And then letting that go
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  10. Because why be normal when you can be a star[wo]man? 🌟
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  11. All of my heart and soul to Iman, his beautiful partner. I can not imagine her pain
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