So many others will and have put it more eloquently than I, but I wanted to write out some feelings I'm having while listening to Heroes.
  1. Growing up in a small town is difficult, especially if you're the slightest bit different
  2. I never really felt as if I fit in
  3. My absolute favorite thing about David Bowie was his dedication to being fabulously different.
  4. Never fit in
  5. Always be yourself
  6. Stand out, if that's what you want
  7. Be a different character, if it suits you
  8. His salute to all things odd and individuality was comforting in a time when I questioned if I would ever feel "normal"
  9. And then letting that go
  10. Because why be normal when you can be a star[wo]man? 🌟
  11. All of my heart and soul to Iman, his beautiful partner. I can not imagine her pain