I made spaghetti for dinner and enjoyed a glass of Cabernet. I usually wash the dishes right away, but put it off instead...
  1. First, and most importantly, I am not an alcoholic
  2. I was washing dishes, I had my hand and the washcloth inside of a wine glass when it shattered around my hand.
  3. I had 3 gaping cuts along my knuckles and one wrapping nearly around my index finger
  4. I cleaned it out, removed a piece of glass, and wrapped it in gauze.
  5. Then, I loaded my kids into the car and drove myself to urgent care.
    My husband was in a meeting and had his phone off.
  6. When I got the UC, I had already bled through my bandages
  7. When the nurse asked me what happened and I told her she stared at me and said "you cut your hand on...a glass?"
    I explained our delicate wine glasses and said I was doing dishes when it broke. She asked me if I'd been drinking 😒
  8. I told her that I hadn't. I could totally tell she didn't believe me.
  9. The doc came in to examine me. Made some comment about my kids watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my phone and said "so you cut your hand on a wine glass? Drinking on the job?" 😑
    I laugh it off and say no, but that I deserve Worker's Comp for my injuries.
  10. I get 10 stitches and leave.
  11. Moral of the story: be very careful while washing dishes or you'll get accused of day drinking and poor parenting before noon on a weekday.