1. As soon as my son spots me at preschool pick up he runs to me with a big smile on his face shouting "hey!"
    Age 3
  2. My daughters crooked grin as she says "Mickey Mouse"
    Age 1.5
  3. Baby/toddler sign language. Both functional and adorable
  4. The mornings when I first pick my daughter up and she hugs me with her whole body, snuggles her face into my shoulder, and pats my hair.
  5. The way my son sings as he plays
  6. Them holding hands during bedtime stories. Sometimes it is their only pleasant interaction with each other all day long.
  7. My son squishing my cheeks before he gives me a kiss
    Age 2
  8. The way my daughter runs open armed to give her big brother a hug while saying "awwww"
    1.5 & 3
  9. The tiny toddler dresses, tunics, and tights
  10. His button down shirts and impossibly soft sweaters
  11. They both go out of their way to crunch leaves on our walks.
  12. The way she plays shy. Initiating conversation with an enthusiastic "hi!" with strangers then covering her face until she can hide behind me when they try to talk to her. Then she continually peeks through her fingers to see if they're still looking at her. Once they stop she goes about her merry way.
  13. My son telling me "you're a sheep! I'm a cow!" Laughing maniacally and shouting baaaaaaa
    Age 3
  14. The way they both would carry books as large as them over their heads to bring to me to read.
  15. How he sleeps curled up in a ball on his stomach
    6 months - present
  16. How she sleeps with her arms raise above her head
    Forever. I have an ultrasound picture with her little arm over her face as evidence.
  17. The first time either of them said "mumma"
  18. Both of them happily slurping spaghetti
  19. His intense love of all animals. Her fascination yet nervousness over an animal larger than herself.
  20. Them staring in awe at the lights every Christmas
  21. Chubby hand knuckle dimples
  22. His/her very real need to carry as many hot wheels/stuffed animals as their little hands/arms can hold.