In order of frequency.
  1. "So did you marry your cousin?"
    Are you fucking kidding me with this one?
  2. "Oh, where is that?"
    Look at a fucking map. Did no one else have to memorize states and capitals? (I never say my hometown because it's the definition of small town. Even people from WV have no clue where it is)
  3. "Why don't you have an accent?"
  4. "But you're smart!"
    Not everyone from WV is idiot hick, asshole.
  5. "I have a shirt that says 'West Virginia, it's a relative, literally"
    You are neither clever nor funny. Get out of here with that shit.
  6. "West Virginia? Like, Roanoke?"
    First, WEST not Western. Second, no. Just no.
  7. "My aunt/cousin/brother in law is from *some place in WV* do you know them?"
    No, probably not. It's a big state an contrary to popular belief, we are NOT all related.
  8. "Do you have all your real teeth?"
  9. "Do you like country music?"
    No, oddly enough it's not a prerequisite for being a West Virginian.
  10. When I was pregnant, references to "barefoot and pregnant"