I shower while my oldest is at preschool, so I only have one gremlin to look after. Showers range from 15-30 minutes depending on a variety of factors
  1. 95% of the time....checking the baby monitor because I'm having auditory hallucinations (I think hear the baby crying) 5% showering
  2. OR 95% listening to her destroy the bathroom, playing peekaboo with the shower curtain, or just saying "hi" over and over again when I have to keep her in the bathroom with me.
  3. 2-3 minutes washing and conditioning my hair
    This doesn't happen every shower.
  4. 2-10 minutes shaving
  5. 1-2 minutes washing body & face
  6. 10 minutes standing in the hot water, pretending that I don't have any other responsibilities, and having all of my great thoughts for the day.