My kids and I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms at doctors and therapists. Most don't have toys any more (to prevent spread of germs), so here's what we do.
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    Like a lot of snacks and backup snacks on top of that. Seriously snacks on snacks on snacks on snacks.
  2. Water
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    Kids Camelbak 👌
  3. Travel Wet Ones
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  4. Bring SEVERAL board books
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    My daughter (1.5 loves point-and-identify, but my son (4) needs a story to follow, so I bring a variety.
  5. Coloring books and crayons (Crayola DUH)
    I get them from the $1 bin at Target and enough to share with other kids. We've been recipients of coloring book kindness more times than I can count. Always pay it back.
  6. Silent fidget toys
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    Tangle Jr is very addictive.
  7. Endless Alphabet
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    Also, Endless Numbers & Endless Reader
  8. When all else fails Plex app with movies.
    My daughter and I spend at minimum 1.5 hrs a week in waiting rooms. It's not always easy to keep a rambunctious toddler entertained. I'm not ashamed to let her watch Winnie the Pooh AGAIN if it makes her happy and keeps her from climbing the walls.