(a list of annoyances that are intolerable, but not overtly offensive deal breakers)
  1. Don't return buggies/carts to the corral or store
    Double points if you have some massively idiotic excuse for not returning them like, "it's their job" or "they like to get outside for a little bit"
  2. Chew with your mouth open
  3. Say things like "supposably" instead of "supposedly"
  4. Loudly snap/chew/pop gum
  5. Are super judgmental about other people's interests
    Look, I don't give a shit about One Direction (sorry), but I'll never make fun of someone who loves them. Teasing? Sure. Just don't be an asshole, k?
  6. Are a total snob about things
    I've met people who roll their eyes at adults reading YA. Seriously, get over yourself.
  7. Double park your car
  8. Spell 'definitely' wrong.
    There are too many people who struggle to spell this word...
    Suggested by @lindseyryanb
  9. still use the phrase "love me some _____"
    Suggested by @francium
  10. Complain about the service at a restaurant...before we get our food. Pretty sure you get served spit food often.
    Suggested by @ljsee
  11. Can't keep a secret.
    Suggested by @heyashton
  12. Scrape your fork with your teeth
    Suggested by @holly70
  13. Talk during the movie
    Suggested by @markmatlock
  14. Talk about yourself in the third person
    Suggested by @Letha