And I just need to talk about it. Sorry for the weirdness, listy friends
  1. Slept in
    Which means I didn't get my workout done
  2. Work sucks
    🎶I know 🎶
  3. Almost cried at work
    Super overwhelmed, although it wasn't triggered by anything. Just in an emotional mood I guess
  4. Got wrapped up in a book
    But the book is super stressful and made me all anxious
  5. Tried to turn the lights on when it got dark....
  6. .... And they don't turn on
  7. But only in half the house.
  8. We figure that the utility company didn't apply our payment and shut off the power.
  9. But it's an old house and wired super weird, so half our house is connected to the basement apartment.
  10. So we only have half our power, I guess
  11. Like I said, a weird day.