An easy list to start with, but Rome wasn't built in a day (allegedly)
  1. Hozier
    In my pursuit to hate all things on pop radio I did not listen to this record when Take Me To Church because I am an elitist dummy who makes bad decisions. Have since remedied aforementioned bad decision by only listening to this album for the last 3 weeks.
  2. Chris Stapelton
    Just some fucking killer country music. Also he's got a beard and a cool hat. Plus, his wife sings harmonies and sometimes she too wears a cool hat. I'm obsessed.
  3. Milk Carton Kids
    A Simon & Garfunkel dream for the21st century. My family kindly refers to this kind of music as either "fall asleep music" or "slit your wrists music".
  4. Leon Bridges
    Old school Soul from a youngin' from Texas. He's two years younger than me but I keep referring to him as a "kid" because it makes me feel less sad about not being as accomplished.
  5. Carole King and James Taylor live at the Troubador
    Have you HEARD this recording? It is pure magic and like the most comforting time machine you've ever gotten into. James Taylor is as cool as everyone's dad.
  6. Aoife O'Donocan, In The Magic Hour
    Aoife is an incredibly talented performer AND is just the nicest gal. What more do you need?