The mysteries of the universe...
  1. How do horses poop while running?
    I know ultra-marathon runners sometimes shit themselves when their internal organs are basically giving up, but horses poop while walking/trotting/running constantly. How?!? My body won't let me poop when I'm speed reading.
  2. How do you officially pronounce gyro?
    I've checked my sources (2 Egyptian dudes, 1 Lebanese lady, 12 Greek restaurateurs, everyone I've ever eaten a gyro with) and there is seemingly no consensus. Who can answer this definitively?
  3. How do I wear eyeliner on the bottom without looking like Alice Cooper?
    This question became somewhat irrelevant after I stopped checking out the Wet 'N Wild stand at CVS in 10th grade, but still... I feel like some people do this and pull it off.
  4. How do you know you're "ready" to have kids?
    Tell-tale signs appreciated.
  5. How the hell Citizens United passed and hasn't been overturned.
    I'm no constitutional law expert, but this is crazy pants to me.
  6. Will I ever stop getting big zits on my face?
  7. How do we build long bridges over deep water?
    Civil engineers use voodoo magic.