As told by my husband's students. He teaches kindergarten at a public school and is called "the kindergarten whisperer" by parents. He's the best and 5-year olds are hilarious.
  1. "You gave me everything but know I don't need people giving me stuff."
    From a former student, now in 2nd grade. This whole letter is gold.
  2. "Good teaching"
    'Nuff said. These students are all deaf. My husband learned sign-language this year so he could better communicate with them and not rely on the interpreter too much. He also taught the entire class basic sign language so they can all share with one another. All three ended the year on grade level and love school.
  3. A single painted acrylic nail
    One of his students included this as a special "gift" for me with her letter. So thoughtful/creepy.
  4. "You are nice."
    Please note, this is a heart made out of two other hearts. This kid gets metaphor.
  5. There is even a book about his class!
    His students are "The Allstars". One of them wrote this book this weekend to commemorate the end of kindergarten. It includes some of the class rules and cover art of my husband as a hairy-faced tri-clops.
  6. "The Allstars are a team that work together"
  7. "We care about people"
    Warning: your ovaries might hurt when you're through with this book
  8. "We make friends"
  9. "We help friends"
  10. "In 1st [grade] we learn"
  11. "In 2nd [grade] we learn"
  12. "But we love kindergarten the most"
    And she spelled kindergarten correctly! Someone give the man a medal.
  13. "Best Teacher"