Today is nice.
  1. Sleeping in!
  2. Having a snuggle-fest with the kitty, who we found out likely has diabetes yesterday.
    Hence the pissing issues referenced in an earlier list. Sorry I was mad at you, little kitty. Hope the belly rubs conveyed that.
  3. Afternoon delight with the hubs
    Heyyy ohhhh
  4. Realizing this carrot couple from our garden looks like Klimt's The Kiss
  5. Noticing that Trader Joe's Baking Powder can turned the barcode into a cake!
    How cute is that?!
  6. My husband, noticing a pile of my folded underwear on the dinner table and, without skipping a beat, saying, "new coasters?" while setting his coffee mug on my undies.
    Yes, I fold my underwear. Don't judge.
  7. Having time to bake a ginger carrot cake.
    Where the carrot lovers above met their fate.
  8. Finally meeting the neighbors two houses down with the pool.
    And getting invited to swim in the pool whenever. WIN!
  9. My guys..
    They're always 💯
  10. 99% Invisible podcast
    And how much I learn every time I listen.