I've had roommates/housemates since my junior year of college. This week I got the house to myself...
  1. Did all the dishes and laundry in my new bathing suit.
  2. Danced around to Spotify's "Dance Workout" playlist for hours.
    Shit is good and I feel no guilt.
  3. Ate like total shit.
    Two handfuls of peanut butter Panda Puffs and a slice of banana bread for dinner? With no one else to cook for/to cook for me, I have so little motivation.
  4. Watched Divergent for the 10th time.
    This movie is always on HBO and I have no willpower and I find Four super attractive and did I mention I was alone?
  5. Slept in a t-shirt, but no underpants.
    Not a long sleep shirt, but one where my ass definitely shows. I always think it's so vulnerable to see dudes like this... Everyone looks like a child in the t-shirt/no pants combo.
  6. Asked everyone I know with a dog if they wanted to go on a dog-walking date.
    I'm an extrovert and so is my dog.
  7. Speaking of dogs, I watched this video 4 times and cried every time: http://bit.ly/1SOYN96
    I'm sorry I just made you cry, but isn't that the best/saddest?
  8. Smelled my armpits a lot.
    Who am I kidding? I do this around my husband constantly.