1. To think in lists.
  2. That Hamilton is awesome.
    I'm so glad I finally broke down.
  3. How better to RESIST
  4. That I'll never be in the beta crew or on the A list, but there's a place for everyone and enough ❤️ to go around:)
  5. To find beauty in things stuck on cars, the musings of a regional sewer company, and a snarky fabric store impersonator.
  6. That I want to learn how to cross stitch or do origami or be generally more creative.
  7. That it's ok to complain and be imperfect.
  8. To appreciate what you have, because you never know when you might lose it in an update. 🎉 🔁📝
  9. That (almost) everyone agrees that my husband looks better with a beard.
    It's back!
  10. To know and love the kind and wonderful humans of li.st who are just like me and also nothing like me at the same time.