100 YEARS OF LI.ST (2001) [🕰]

Thoughts of a college freshman on 9/11. Inspired by @jakebrandman
  1. Why is moomoo5083 taking so long to return my im? His status isn't set to away...
  2. And now what's going on? Michelle is such a drama queen. She's knocking on everyone's door. We left it open because it's hot as hell and there's no a/c, not because we're inviting the gossip.
  3. She's telling everyone to turn on their TV. Ok, calm down, dude.
  4. Holy shit.
  5. Those poor people. How did this happen?
  6. There's another one.
  7. This wasn't an accident. Are we under attack? WTF is happening.
  8. Am I supposed to go to class? I have to go to class, right?
  9. No class. Dining hall? People are crying. People are calling their parents.
  10. Do I know anyone in New York?
  11. Where are they going to hit next?