1. As I put my kid's fish sticks in the oven (#dontjudge), I realize I haven't showered in about 2 days.
  2. I set the timer for six minutes and think, "That should be enough time."
    They're playing downstairs, somewhat happily.
  3. I turn the shower on and immediately hear the sound of little feet running down the hall.
  4. I let the small one in, because he wants to shower, too.
    Except he wants to rinse himself, which requires me to fill a tiny cup with shower water that he dumps everywhere except on his body.
  5. I still manage to wash my hair and most of my body. Then the big one comes in, because he has to show me a cool robot he built.
    And it has to be right now.
  6. I look while also attempting to rinse myself and the small one, realizing the timer will probably be going off in a minute or two.
  7. The the smoke detector starts going off.
    Still not sure why. Nothing was actually burning. May have been something on the bottom of the oven.
  8. I jump out of the shower, throw a towel on my son and very hurriedly put on all of my clothes.
    All while trying to calm down the big one who's freaking out about the alarm sound.
  9. I turn off the detector, flip the fish sticks and realize I have several more years before I'll be able to shower in peace.