Random things I bought.
  1. First Cassette Tape: Aladdin Soundtrack
    The first movie I remember walking out of and not being able to wait until it came out (on VHS). I bought the soundtrack while I waited.
  2. First CD: Ace of Base- The Sign
    I still own this. Not sure why.
  3. First DVD: She's All That
    This was my jam. FPJ and Paul Walker?!
  4. First Blu-Ray: Love Actually
    My husband's favorite movie, I'm pretty sure.
  5. First Book: One of the Babysitters Club
    I liked the mysteries.
  6. First Cell Phone: Nokia 5165
    It had a sweet cloud cover.
  7. First Computer: Power Mac G4
    I cried when I sold it.
  8. First Car: Ford Focus
    I bought it on eBay.