Be forewarned- this story is not as exciting as it sounds. Hope you enjoy, @Veronique :)
  1. A few days before Christmas 2013 we went to my in-laws church to baptize Declan so both of our families could be there.
    Us and the godparents, my bro and cousin.
  2. Things were going well, Dec was being a sweetie.
    Liam was sitting with my other brother.
  3. Then, things started to go awry.
    Ok he wants to sit with us, that's cool.
  4. And then the crying.
  5. And squirming.
  6. And trying to run away in the church.
    Dec says WTF, this is my day, bro.
  7. So, we get to the part of the baptism where the priest asks the parents to renounce evil (it's considered a "minor exorcism").
    One of the many weird things I don't totally understand about Catholicism, but we're gonna go with it.
  8. Liam is screaming and crying and being SUCH a brat that the priest jokingly turned to us and said, "Do you want me to perform one on him, too?"
    I should have said yes.
  9. Luckily, bro #2 came through like a champ, took him outside and we finished the baptism in peace.
    Fun fact: my husband has lost 90lb since this pic was taken. Fun fact #2: my FIL was baptized in this gown.
  10. And they all lived happily ever after.
    Except Satan, he's outta here 👉🏼.