Cut our own tree this year, Griswold style.
  1. Hubs did some research and found a farm semi nearby.
    My bros, aunt and uncle came in for thanksgiving and gamely agreed to tag along.
  2. We all loaded into the van.
    All 8 of us.
  3. Started driving and hubs put the name into the google.
    No address listed. It's a newish farm. Had to do some searching on the side of the road.
  4. Drove the 20+ minutes out there.
    Sign says Closed. Open on weekends only.
  5. Keep in mind, at this point there are still 6 adults and 2 children crammed into a van.
    Kinda like this, which was actually later in the day.
  6. We pull in anyway and the family are super nice and tell us to go for it.
  7. Hubs brought a saw, but lost one of the screws for several minutes.
    Also, it's drizzling and 45.
  8. As we're walking into the field, I asked my husband if he brought cash.
  9. We search around for a bit, tramping through the mud and looking for a perfectly sized tree.
  10. My husband told my 5 yr old he could pick.
    That went well. Thankfully I narrowed it down for him after minimal crying. He strangely got upset when we couldn't take the largest tree on the lot that was already decorated.
  11. So, this sounds pretty awful so far, but it was actually pretty awesome, too.
  12. We were literally the only people on a massive Christmas tree farm.
    The wind felt nice after all the walking, and there were big rock piles.
  13. Cutting the tree and hauling it in went well.
    Strapping it to the car took awhile, but it worked out.
  14. They took our check and my aunt and uncle found out the owners are from the same small area in Michigan that they're from.
  15. And now I have my first real tree!