When did you start drinking it? How do you take it?
  1. I had an occasional frappuccino or latte in college, but didn't become a regular coffee drinker until I was 30. That thanksgiving, when my youngest was 2 months old, we went to my aunts, the kids weren't sleeping well, and I turned to the sweet nectar of life. She had a keurig and by the time we left, I was hooked.
    It made me feel like a legit adult and was comforting. I've quit a few times since then, but am currently super addicted. I usually drink it the same way my husband does (big cup, 2 scoops sugar, 1/2&1/2), possibly bc it's the first way I ever had it. And it's delicious.
  2. I started drinking coffee in high school as a meal replacement. They built a Starbucks across the street from high school so I would grab it on my way to dance practice.
    I liked cream and sugar, and was so happy they made a blonde roast at Starbucks eventually. Unfortunately my stomach decided I was done with coffee about 4 years ago. I can drink decaf, but I also have to use dairy free creamer and at that point I'd rather have tea. So I drink a metric ton of black tea every morning. At Starbucks I get a decaf peppermint mocha with coconut milk and no whip. So. Fun. Lol
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  3. I started drinking cappuccinos and drip coffee in high school—loved the Starbucks Pike Place roast (a little cream, a lot of sugar in those early days). In Lancaster, PA back then, a lot of my high school socializing was done at local coffee shops, and I wrote most of my junior and senior thesis papers at the Starbucks in the Barnes & Noble.
    In College I continued the tradition and usually did homework at the Starbucks they built down the block from my second apartment. To this day, I still dearly love both Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. They feel like home. Now, Starbucks is often my go-to during the work week since it's right by my office, but I also REALLY love the local coffee shops in DC, and you can always find me grabbing coffee at one of my favorite places in Eastern Market on Sundays.
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  4. I started in college
    With lots of cream and sugar back then. I can honestly say it took getting used to but I was needing the energy boost for my long study sessions. I switched to plain black when I went on weight watchers and I have never gone back
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  5. I became an addict at the ripe age of 12 and I take it black — it matches my soul that way.
    Now I work at a coffee shop and receive free cups of my favorite drug every day. ITS MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT.
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  6. My Grandad rose very early in the morning to perk a pot when I was just wee.
    By the time I was 12-13 he moved on to an electric percolator. He made a great brew. I have used an electric percolator ever since, though a good one is hard to find, if I'm lucky enough to find a salesperson who even knows what a percolator is. I usually can find a good one online. I drink almost a pot before anyone else is up and about. I always make sure to make another pot.
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  7. When my 2nd child came along, so age 31
    I drank coffee before that, but more like a social thing...like when studying at Coffee Bean or Starbucks in college. I didn't need it on a daily basis until my son Cal came along (high energy baby + toddler sister + working full time + promotion + commute...it was very necessary by that point). I typically make it in French press, sometimes coffee maker. Ground fresh daily. Usually about 3 cups. With milk (I vary that - sometimes cow, sometimes almond, sometimes coconut), rarely sweetened
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  8. Now we're talking about a favorite subject ☕️
    My grandmother gave me my first taste of coffee when I was around 5, sneaking it past my mom. She always had a pot going, all day. Oddly enough, my parents were tea drinkers! Coffee is like comfort and salve and happiness and all-is-right-with-the-world. Sometimes I drink it black but usually with whole milk. ❤️
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  9. Oh god, I think I started late in middle school? I take my coffee black, I always have. My dad and grandma do too so I guess it's a ~fam thing~ I used to be on the Starbucks tall skinny peppermint mocha meal replacement train but then I did treatment and that became a no go. Hehe
    I make cold brew in the summer and honestly could guzzle gallons on a hot day. My fav "fun drink" is the maple latte from Peet's!
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  10. My first real job was at a coffee shop in high school (I worked there from age 15 to 17) so I started out drinking fun latte flavors and frappuchino type drinks.
    Then I gave up soda and coffee in 2004, but Bryan from my recent BFF list got me to pick up coffee again in 2005; I just only did decaf. Went back to caffeinated coffee again in 2014, I think? My daily coffee is a cup at home with a splash of flavored creamer. At Starbucks I either drink my crazy latte (I have a whole list about it, haha) or Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream.
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