Guys, I feel like I need to come clean about something.
  1. From 2006 to 2007, I worked at a Pittsburgh @joannfabrics store.
    I needed money while I looked for a "real" job as a graphic designer.
  2. I brought my art school portfolio to the interview.
    They looked at me like I was the greatest thing they'd ever seen.
  3. I got to skip the cutting counter and front registers and go right to the framing department.
    You get to hide in the back. And apparently they have to give free blow jobs up front.
  4. I made minimum wage, ate oatmeal for lunch in the break room and framed hideous artwork.
  5. I had polo shirts, a hideous teal cardigan and my very own apron.
    And a headset. JAS4Life
  6. Those old crafting ladies are serious AF. And so are the employees.
    One customer berated me about something framing related until I cried.
  7. Few things in this world have made me happier than when I joined and started reading @joannfabrics posts.