But seriously wtf is my game plan. I have one more year of SAHM-ing. No direct sales- I will cut you.
  1. Go back to graphic design.
    But not the funeral home website kind. This would involve finding someone to hire me, brushing up on software and trying to find something semi flexible.
  2. Go back to school for a masters in library science.
    My nerdy dream job.
  3. Care for other people's children.
    Ugh. I just can't say about this one.
  4. Any ideas? I'm obsessively organized, moderately intelligent and love naps. 💁
  5. Shortage of highly qualified people for libraries. I recommend that.
    Suggested by @PassiveAggressor
  6. Look for library assistant job first
    I've also been eyeing the MLS for a couple of years now. All my research tells me to try working in a library (but not in degree-requiring librarian position) first. Larger systems have assistant or page positions. They're typically lower wage, but you could do it for about 6 months as a means of testing the field before committing to a grad degree (or volunteer in one for a couple of months if your budget allows)
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama
  7. Marketing or Communications positions at pretty much any company
    Graphic design experience can be a huge asset in the marketing world. Any company or university near you typically has their own in house operation for this, and associate positions handle a lot of design creation
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama
  8. Substitute teaching
    Most states, you don't have to get a teaching degree to do this - just pass a state exam or short certification program. Hours are flexible. You've got experience with kids. You don't need expertise in any one subject matter. Kids are almost bound to automatically love you
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama