Today we're smoking pork shoulder and the whole yard smells amazing. Here's how it's done.
  1. Make stressful Costco trip to purchase meat with two year old in tow.
  2. Clean last night's dishes out of sink. Rinse meat.
  3. Squeeze mostly empty mustard container until you remove every last drop.
  4. Awkwardly smear mustard and add lots of pork seasoning.
  5. Tie them up.
  6. Put on the smoker. Wait 10 hours. Accomplish many household chores.
  7. They're done when they hit 203.
  8. Pull the pork.
  9. Make the meal of your choice! We usually go with sandwiches, wraps, nachos, baked potatoes or enchiladas.
    The best part is, for $25 we have enough for at least 16 or so servings. We usually get tired of eating it and end up freezing a pan of enchiladas.