Inspired by @BWN_7 etc.
  1. Cashier: Scot Farms Grocery Store
    My first job. 16. 2 register store. Felt like a rebel when I got to restock cigarettes. Still feel nostalgic at the smell of any small grocery store.
  2. Photographer: Sears Portrait Studios
    The parents were worse than the kids. Spent too much money on random shit at Sears.
  3. Marketing intern, marketing assistant, marketing specialist: Heritage Federal Credit Union
    First job in my field after declaring a graphic design major. Had 2 amazing bosses that have ruined me for other bosses. Super flexible, lots of creative freedom, ideal job.
  4. Framer: Jo-Ann Fabric
    Part time job while looking for graphic design job. Actually pretty fun. List about it here: CONFESSIONS OF A FORMER JOANN FABRICS EMPLOYEE
  5. Web and Graphic Design Specialist: Universal Technologies, Inc.
    That's UTI for short, which perfectly describes this work experience. Crazy ass family run web design company specializing in funeral homes. Literally the worst.
  6. SAHM
    No pay, no holidays, demanding and unreasonable employers. Perks: occasional nap breaks and snuggles.
  7. TBD
    Planning on returning to the working world in 1-2 years. Any ideas welcome.