We're in Niagara Falls for the weekend! Here are the highlights in the eyes of my children.
  1. Hotel
    Breakfast buffet and all the tv they want. Plus, it's the only place they get to jump on the bed. 🍳
  2. The Book With No Pictures
    It got put away in the road trip box, so he hasn't read it in a few months and he was DYING. If I hear Boo Boo Butt one more time... Thanks for the giggles, @bjnovak 😂
  3. First Mini Golf Game
    The big kid was SO pumped. Also, I beat my husband, which is awesome. 💁
  4. Rainforest Cafe
    Always a hit, even though the thunderstorms were apparently traumatizing. 🐘
  5. That Big Waterfall
    Eh, it's cool I guess. 🏞
  6. Rolling in the Grass