We lived in PGH for 9 years after college. Last November we moved to NH so my husband could switch jobs and we could get a change of pace. So far, so good, but I do still miss some things.
  1. Our neighbors/neighborhood
    We lived in Swissvale, which has a bad reputation, but was a great place to live! We had tons of awesome neighbors, could walk to the grocery store, playground and church. I also got to help the neighborhood moms group get started and watch the community develop while we lived there.
  2. The attractions
    There were so many cool museums. We went to the science center, natural history museum or the zoo at least once a week. They were all 15 minutes away. We're an hour from Boston, parking is expensive and stressful, and the zoos don't even compare.
  3. The diversity
    We hung out at the JCC almost every day. My friends were Jewish, Muslim, Christian and atheist and so were my kids friends. They saw POC every day, and I miss that big city melting pot. NH is VERY white.
  4. The food
    Point Brugge, Smoke, CF
  5. Our friends
    I miss having people who knew me before kids. And the built in support system of people I'd known since my oldest was born. And neighbors I could ask for literally anything from (and who brought us amazing food every weekend).
  6. Being 8 hours from "home" in Indiana
    Now it's more like 19. We have no family here.
  7. Knowing where everything was.
    I'm still gps-ing on the reg here.
  8. We love NH, but I still feel nostalgic sometimes...