So, my husband and I ran Reach the Beach this weekend and here are my thoughts.
  1. RAGNARs are 12 person teams. We (hubs, my BFF and her husband) got on a team with my husband's coworkers girlfriend. We didn't know the other 8 people.
    Did not expect two of them to drop out THE DAY BEFORE. They've known about this for 7 months. There are 10 other people depending on them- 4 of whom flew in from out of state. It's not a cheap race.
  2. Our van mates came over the night before and spent the night.
    Did not expect to like them as much as I did- we lucked out!
  3. We had a 6 am start time, which means we left our house at 3 am to drive to the white mountains.
    Did not expect hubby to get pulled over for speeding. Just a warning!
  4. There were around 500 teams- some 12 person (or 10 in our case) and some 6 person Ultra teams. Most teams have 2 vans.
    Did not anticipate the event being this huge. SO many people and vans.
  5. Our first runner got going at 6:15. It was FREEZING outside. Or close- like 36 degrees.
    Did not expect it to be so cold- was regretting flip flop choice.
  6. I was number 4 in line, following my husband. Was a few seconds late to the wristband handoff and started down a big ass hill. 624 feet of elevation loss over a 2.9 mile run.
    Did not expect to run my fastest mile ever at 8:41 pace.
  7. Handed off and got back in the van to follow last 2 van mates through our first section and meet up with Van 2.
    Did not expect to already be incredibly sore. My quads were toast after that downhill.
  8. Had some breakfast, drove around and found a pull off by a lake to take a nap by.
    Did not expect to go swimming after the cold morning weather, but the water felt amazing on our sore muscles.
  9. We went early to our next section to meet Van 2. They were able to talk to officials and skip the missing team members legs. They were still running later than expected so we had extra time.
    Did not expect to find a runner several miles off course on our way to pick up sandwiches. We have her a lift back to the race and figured out where she took a wrong turn.
  10. It started getting dark after my best friends run, and my husband had the first full night run.
    Did not expect there to be so many people around- not nearly as creepy as I thought it would be.
  11. My second leg was my hardest. 6.5 miles in the dark with 712 elevation gain and 743 elevation loss.
    Did not expect to be walking hills, but still managed a 12:09 average.
  12. Supported team mates on the night runs until we were all crazy tired. Finished our section at 1 am and headed to the campground that was our next meet up point. Slept on a tarp under the stars for about 3 hours.
    Did not expect to sleep so well in a weird place.
  13. Got up at 5 to get ready for our last section. My best friends husband kindly switched legs with me, so instead of 5.7 I only had to do 3.1.
    Did not expect to be able to beat my projected pace, but averaged 9:56 after little sleep and 2 runs, which was awesome.
  14. I was the last one for our team on that section, so when I reached the handoff point I was looking for a van 2 team mate.
    Did not expect them to show up 10 minutes after I finished. Really disappointed by their lack of consideration after all our hard work.
  15. Headed back to our house to get ready for the finish. Ate pizza, got a shower and saw the kiddos.
    Did not expect to be so sore I could hardly walk down stairs and so tired I could have gone to bed and slept all night.
  16. Went to the finish line celebration and met up with Van 2. Crossed the finish line as a team, got a massage and checked out the tents.
    Did not expect the food/support situation to be as crappy as it was. There were only 2-3 exchanges with food and it was all for sale. It was hard to find water. They had free water and soda at the finish line and some weird quinoa bowls, but that was it.
  17. Headed back to our house to spend a little more time with friends before they had to catch an early flight. Went to bed at 7:30.
    Did not expect to already be thinking I want to do it again...